MEPEC 2013 Program

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  28th Sept. 29th Sept. 30th Sept. 1st Oct. 2nd Oct.
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
8:00 All Day Workshops All Day Workshops Keynote Session 1:
Manufacturing Excellence & Localization
  1. H.E Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Chief Executive, Nogaholding
  2. Samir Al-Tubayyeb, Vice President, Saudi Aramco
  3. Dr. Ernesto Occhiello, EVP Technology and Innovation, Sabic
  4. Ziad Al-Labban, CEO, Sadara
  5. Eric Gebhardt, Vice President, Engineering, GE Oil & Gas
  1. Abdallah S. Jum'ah, Former President and CEO, Saudi Aramco
  2. Gasem Saleh Al-Shaikh, Chief Executive, PCMC
Keynote Session 2:
Innovation &
Technology Development
  1. Dr. Rajeev Gautam, President and CEO, UOP
  2. Mr. Daniel M. McCarthy, EVP & Group President of Technology, CB&I
  3. Suleyman M. Ozmen, Vice President - Licensing, Shell Global Solutions Downstream
  4. Scott Berger, Executive Director, CCPS
  5. Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun, Secretary General, GPCA
  1. Abdulrahman Al-Jawahery, President, GPIC (Invited)
  2. Franco M. Restelli, President EMEA, Invensys
Keynote Session 3:
Clean Fuel &
  1. Musab Al-Mahruqi, CEO, Orpic
  2. Manolis Kotzabasakis, Executive Vice President, Products, AspenTech
  3. Simon Herriott, Global Managing Director, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
  4. Mr. Pol Hoorelbeke, Vice President, Safety Division, TOTAL Refining and Chemicals
  5. Ahmed Al-Khowaiter, Chief Engineer, Saui Aramco (Invited)
  1. A. Majeed Al Gassab, President, Bahrain Society of Engineers
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Technical Session 1 Manufacturing and Operational Technical Session 2 Capital Project Efficiency Technical Session 3 Process Automation & Optimization
Technical Session 7 Process Safety & Risk Mitigation Technical Session 8 Clean Fuel, Environment and Sustainability Technical Session 9 Process & Molecular Modeling
Technical Session 13 Talent & Technology Development Technical Session 14 Manufacturing and Operational Excellence Technical Session 15 Capital Project Efficiency
12:30 Delegate Luncheon Delegate Luncheon Delegate Luncheon
14:00 Special Session Localization across the Value Chain


A paradigm shift is in motion that is significantly altering the global energy representation from what was commonly apparent only a few years ago. With the aggressive vision of the Middle East, the need for localization has come to the forefront. To contribute to the economic development of the region, the governments of Gulf Countries are emphasizing the importance of the local content and the impact in each area of an organization.

This session’s objectives are to discuss and deliberate on this important and crucial direction. It will focus on the need to develop broader opportunities for the Middle East and to diversify the talent, technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing, and export trade opportunities across the lifecycle of the projects

  1. Khalil Al-Watban, President, Ma’aden Phosphate Company
  2. Azzam Bin Yaser Shalabi, President, National Industrial Clusters Development Program (Invited)
  3. HE Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim, Governor – SWCC (Invited)
  4. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, EVP, SABIC (Invited)
  5. Mr. Faisal S. Bafarat, Deputy Governor of Investment Development & Attraction, SAGIA (Invited)
  6. Dr. Alaa Abdullah Nassif, Chief Executive of the Royal Commission, Yanbu (Invited)
Dr. Falah Al-Suleman, CEO, Chairman of the board, National Mechanical Company
Special Session Project Financing and Economics: 'Future Outlook'


As a provider of capital and services to the GCC & Middle East industrial transformation programs, the Financial Sector has a bearing on their success and competitiveness. There is presently a general perception among company CEOs that there is a deterioration in access to finance among a large number of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The perceived deterioration in availability and also the willingness of banks to provide loans and other financial facilities to these firms is hindering their growth. Individuals with intellectual capital are also not receiving the necessary attention from the financial sector. In this special session, leaders in the financial sector and CEOs of companies will analyze the growth rate of bank lending enterprises with the objective of arriving at solutions that will ease the financial crunch. In addition, the various sources of project financing for GCC & Middle East industries would be discussed and the future outlook of downstream economics examined. The following focus areas would be addressed:
  1. Bank Lending to enterprises – Key Issues and Concerns
  2. Nurturing Intellectual Capital to Create Businesses
  3. Assessment of Commercial Loans and Bonds as Sources of Project Financing
  4. Status of Debt Capital Market (DCM) & Sukuk Issuance
  5. Changing Risk Assessment due to recent Political Events
  6. Future Outlook of GCC & Middle East Downstream Economics vs. Global
  1. Dr. Yahya Alyahya, Chief Executive Officer, Gulf International Bank
  2. Dr. John Sfakianakis, Chief Investment Strategist, MASIC
  3. Mr. Faisal Qadri, Director, Project & Export Finance, HSBC - Saudi Arabia
  4. Mr. Gassan Al-Kibsi, Partner, McKinsey and Company
Matlaq Al-Morished, Executive Vice President - Corporate Finance, SABIC
Special Session Shale gas and Shale Oil: Retooling Process Technologies


Shale Oil and Shale Gas have a huge impact on global energy supply and this has made the United States self-sufficient in gas and is making the country a dominant oil producer. Other global players are gathering pace, as the rush for shale is inevitable. Shale gas discoveries are adding significant volume to global energy supplies. However, variations in shale oil composition from basin to basin and even within basins plus many common characteristics of shale oil, can lead to significant disruptions across the refining supply chain that can cause a range of financial and production issues.

A special session on this subject at MEPEC 2013 will provide a unique forum for producers, technology providers and investors to meet and share the latest developments in retooling process technologies for Shale Oil and Shale Gas.

  1. Dr. Harald Freissmuth, Senior Vice President - Technology & Intl. BD WIS, Aker Solutions
  2. Ram Ramanathan, Strategy Advisor, Saudi Aramco
  3. Representative from Baker Hughes, (TBA)
  4. Ali Al-Aissaoui – Senior Consultant, API Corp. (Invited)
Dr. Michael Bittar – Director of Research, Halliburton Technology
Special Session Technology Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The innovation sector is today playing a growing role in bringing new products, services, companies and jobs to the world. In today's complex world, problems cannot be solved with old thinking. We need new ideas with exciting solutions for changing realities. The shift from underdevelopment to industry-based development is linked with technological development, innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship. Technological innovation-based entrepreneurship or ‘technopreneurship’ is very attractive because of its expected high impact compared to ordinary trade or service-based business.

This special session at MEPEC 2013 will provide a unique forum for decision-makers from Government and Private Sector to review and discuss the opportunities and challenges in creating a successful technology development, innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship in Middle East.

  1. Dr. Paul Lefrere - Innovation Director, Images&Co
  2. Dr. Michele L. Ostraat, Senior Director RTI International
  3. Timothy Bowden – Managing Director, BlueVine Ventures LLC
  4. Dr. Maria Douglass, Senior Technology Portfolio Manager, KAUST
Dr. Aymen Kayal – Associate Professor, KFUPM
Special Session Water Processes Speakers:
  1. Robert Hultz – Regional Executive, MENA Region, GE Water & process Technologies
  2. Prof. Suzana Nunes – Associate Professor, KAUST
  3. Dr. Koichi Tsuzuki, CTO, Hitachi, Ltd., Infrastructure Systems Company
  4. Representative from DOW (TBA)
H.E. Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa – Chief Executive, Nogaholding
Special Session Talent Pool: Workforce in the Energy Sector:


Four top and reputable U.S think tanks teamed up to investigate the availability of skilled workers to meet the energy requirements of the United States. The result is a comprehensive and new report entitled “Emerging Workforce Trends in the in the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries: A Call to Action”. This report summarizes current and projected future workforce for the U.S. energy and mining industries.
THE BIG PICTURE: The available data and information provide a clear indication of the nature of the energy and mining workforce and its related, important trends, issues, and concerns. The present and future are bright for energy and mining jobs. Demand for workers at all levels will remain strong for the foreseeable future and these jobs will continue to pay well. However, there are factors adversely affecting the current workforce, and their negative impact will continue to grow unless addressed.

  1. HE Mr. Salim Saeed Al-Aydh, Saudi Aramco (Invited)
  2. Dr. Peter Senge, MIT (Invited)
  3. Dr. Philip Westmoreland, AIChE
  4. Ms. Huda Ghoson, Saudi Aramco (Invited)
Dr. Mohamed Aly Ramady,
Associate Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Invited)
15:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Technical Session 4 Process Safety & Risk Mitigation Technical Session 5 Clean Fuel, Environment and Sustainability Technical Session 6 Process & Molecular Modeling
Technical Session 10 Talent & Technology Development Technical Session 11 Manufacturing and Operational Excellence Technical Session 12 Capital Project Efficency
Technical Session 16 Talent & Technology Development Technical Session 17 Manufacturing and Operational Excellence Technical Session 18 Capital Project Efficency
17:00 Gala Reception
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nogahodling To be held in BIEC - Hall 1
Raffle Draw Raffle Draw
18:00   Opening Ceremony
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Saudi Aramco
  1. H.R.H Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain
  2. H.E Abdul Latif A. Al-Othman, Governor and Chairman of the board of Directors, SAGIA
  3. Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Wuhaib, Senior Vice-President, Downstream, Saudi Aramco
  4. Mr. Phillip Westmoreland, President, AIChE
  5. Mr. Audah Al-Ahmadi, Chairman, MEPEC 2013

Exhibition Timing: Monday:10:00 - 17:30 | Tuesday: 9:30 - 17:30 | Wednesday: 9:30 - 16:30

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony for the Middle East Process Engineering Conference and Exhibition 2013 will be held at the Gulf Hotel, Bahrain, on Sunday, 29th September 2013, followed by a Gala Dinner.

Plenary Sessions

Senior executives hold the Plenary Sessions designed to discuss important topics from renowned national and international companies, government bodies and other institutions. These sessions will see 5 speakers on the first and 4 in each following Plenary Session. Each session will have 1 Session Chairman. Each speaker will have 15 minutes to present in-depth reviews and analyses of the selected topic, from a scientific, managerial, sustainable and practical angle, bringing out the implications of the progress described. The Session Chairman will moderate the Q&A at the end.

Special Sessions

Special Sessions are meant to be highly interactive and are designed to promote dialogue and free discussion of topics amongst industry leaders and discussion makers. Some of the topics identified are Investment, Water and Materials.

These Special Sessions will be conducted in the ‘Round Table’ format and will be by invitation only. Each panel will consist of 3 Industry Experts and 1 Session Chairman and is over the course of 1 hour. Opening remarks are brief in order to allow maximum time for audience participation. Each panelist speaks for 5 minutes maximum to lay out the issues. There is ample time for speakers to elaborate on their views during the course of the session.

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions will be conducted by industry experts from various Operators, Technology and Solution Providers, and industrial researchers from academics and research organizations. The Technical Sessions will be conducted in 2 formats.

  • Authors of oral papers will be given 15 minutes to present his/her paper and at the end of these presentations a quick Q&A session will be held. Each of these sessions will have 3 Industry Expert speakers with 1 Session Chairman. These sessions will cover over 60 Industry experts.
  • Authors selected to present at the MEPEC Technical Arena (MTA), part of the Digital Poster Plaza, will have 20 minutes with 5 minutes additional to engage in questions and answers. Each auditorium will be equipped with computer stations, an LCD screen and a laptop PC. Visitors will also be given access to all poster presentations at any given time on a number of computers available on the stand. The timings allocated for such presentations will allow 27 speakers to present each day with a total of 81 presentations over three days.

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