ChemME Activities

06 - 08 May 2024   |   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ChemME Chain Puzzler

Opportunities for Chemical Engineers

Student Networking

AIChE Jeopardy Competition

A scavenger hunt designed for students and YPs. All selected participants will solve a series of puzzles, which will include a clue to the next puzzle. The winner will be presented with a prize at the end of the game. Puzzles will be related to Chemical Engineering.

Bringing in Chemical Engineers from various industries in an effort to change the perception of students who believe that chemical engineers can build a career only in petrochemical industries.

An activity designed to help students from different universities interact with each other. This will help them realize that they are the next generation of Chemical Engineers who can be innovative and also discuss various opportunities in sectors other than Petrochemicals.

A high intensity game conducted by AIChE for the first time in the region. For more details follow the below link:

Click Here

CEO Talk

CV Clinic

Treasure Hunt Challenge

Professional Photobooth

CEO of a reputed company to come and address the Young Professionals and students.The CEO will share their experience and thus help build confidence for a stronger future.

HR professionals are invited from various industries across the GCC, to evaluate CV`s and provide suggestions to improve it. They would also offer counselling on what are the main aspects that need to go in to a CV.

Participants will be given a set of unique questions that they need to find answers to in the conference exhibition, or through attending technical sessions or networking. AIChE has a readymade system for tracking the participants progress and also for making it more interactive.

This activity would provide head shot photos to all participants.

Coffee Brewing Competition

Plant Tour

VR Station

Technical Debate

To develop a competition for coffee brewing based on Chemical Engineering Principles, similar to AIChE’s Beer brewing concept: Click Here

The students and young professionals will be taken to the plant to witness first hand the experience of working in a plant. The students and young professionals will only be allowed to visualise and not work.

Augmented Virtual Reality to be brought over to this session allowing students and young professionals to experience AVR.

The students and young professionals will be given a topic and divided in to two groups. One team needs to speak for the topic and the other team needs to speak against the topic. Both the teams need to justify their points.

3D Printing - Process Model Exhibition “FABLAB”

Process Automation Competition “FABLAB"

The students and young professionals will have an opportunity to 3D visualise the plant and learn how 3D Printing technology can be used in process modelling technology , process efficiency improvement and parts manufacturing.

The students and young professionals will have the opportunity to collaborate to automate the process of multiple modules using computer logic and simple programming.

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