Conference Program

14 - 16 October 2019   |   Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain

Program is subject to change. Please check back regularly for updates on sessions and the speakers.

09:00 10:30

WPC Downstream - Keynote Session Palm Hall 1

Shaping the Future for Industrial Gas Customers


Naji Skaf

President - Middle East, Egypt, Turkey, Air Products

Developing Future Innovative Workforce to Sustain Reliable Operational Excellence and Value Creation


Bassam Al Bokhari

CEO, Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic

Inventing the Future – Chevron’s Commitment to Innovation

Chevron has a long history of consistently investing in the development of platform technologies that reliably accomplish a larger volume of higher-valued products from lower-value feedstocks at longer on-stream time to improve refinery profitability. After commercialization of modern gas oil hydrocracking in the 1960s, hydroprocessing capabilities were expanded to include residuum feedstock and base oil products. The latest innovations comprise of an isodewaxing process with a record yield and on-stream time, two novel residuum hydrocracking processes accomplishing nearly full residuum conversion, and proven design options to convert crude oil into nearly exclusively base chemicals. Continual development of process and catalyst technology, reactor engineering and design sustains this continuous improvement in converting hydrocarbon feedstocks into future energy sources, lubricants and petrochemicals. The latest isodewaxing process leverages many decades of experience and the generation and analysis of more data per unit of time to develop and deploy new catalyst systems with a porosity distribution that is tailored more effectively toward the target feed and product components. A nearly molecular understanding of residuum components enables two novel conversion processes that nearly completely convert the least soluble, most refractory resid components. These processes are also key options to convert crude oil nearly completely into petrochemical feedstocks. Chevron enables the industry to benefit from the latest fruits of its continual innovation in hydroprocessing technologies by offering licenses and catalysts through its joined venture partners, CLG and ART.


Walt Szopiak

Vice President, Chevron Energy Technology

Ethical Practice is Foundational to Great Safety


Deborah L. Grubbe

Owner and President, Operations and Safety Solutions, LLC

10:30 10:40

Coffee Break Exhibition Hall

10:40 12:00

Technical Sessions- 3

Revolutionary Technology Al Fanar


Saeed S. AlAlloush

Engineering Specialist, Process & Control Systems Department, Saudi Aramco

Simultaneous Production of Benzene and Gasoline From C-6 Heart Cut of FCC Gasoline


Dr. Madhukar Garg

Head Refining & Petchem R&D, Reliance Industries Limited

Incremental Value From FCC Catalyst Innovation


Matt Kirchner

Marketing Director - FCC Catalysts, W.R. Grace & Co

Reactor and Catalyst for the Direct Conversion of Crude Oil to Chemicals


Mohammad Alabdullah

PhD Student, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Debottlenecking: Exploiting Opportunities to Boost Performance Al Seef


Shahid Azam

Chief Scientist, Functional Chemicals, SABIC

Modifying Aging Assets With Advanced Condition Monitoring Solution to Increase Availability, Reliability and Profitability by Optimizing Operation and Reducing Maintenance Costs


Fayyaz Karim Qureshi

RECIPs and D&IS (Retrofit) Technical Leader, Baker Hughes

Optimal Temperature Control of a Batch Tank Equipped With a Steam Heating Coil System


Anas H. Safar

Process Engineer, Saudi Aramco

Capacity Stretch Evaluation Study and Implementation for Polyolefin Plant


Ibrahim Alsugai

Scientist - Technology and Innovation, SABIC

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Palm Hall 2

Advanced Process Control in Aromatics Plant


Abdulrahman Ashour

Engineer I, Process Control, SABIC - IBNRUSHD

Technology of Refinery Off-Gas Recovery by Cold Oil Absorption


Dr. Huawei Shao

Senior Engineer, Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry,SINOPEC Group

Identifying Energy Saving Opportunities in Fluid Networks via Hydraulic Modeling Techniques


Shardul Shindadkar

Asst. Manager – Project Development, Ingenero Inc

12:00 13:00

Lunch Break Exhibition Hall

13:10 14:30

Technical Sessions- 3

Digital Transformation Al Fanar


Hiroki Usami

General Manager - R&D Center- Process Solution Business, Yokogawa Saudi Arabia Company

The Digital Refinery: Using Artificial Intelligence to Optimise Utilities Planning


Gerardo Sanchis Andreu

Senior Consultant Engineer , Process Systems Enterprise (PSE)

Digital Technologies to Support Plant Operations for Profitability


Jatin Shah

Director, Automation & Process Technologies, KBR Technology

Advanced Analytics for Smart Positioner Monitoring and Diagnostics


Ayman Abu-Shameh

Instrumentation Team Lead, Saudi Aramco

Ammar S. Bakhurji

Advanced Process Control Engineer, Saudi Aramco

Debottlenecking: Exploiting Opportunities to Boost Performance Al Seef


Waddah Al-Zaabi

Sales Manager, ART Hydroprocessing

Synergizing De-foamer and Demulsifier Chemicals for Improved Crude Desalting


Abdullaziz Alghanim

Operation Engineer , Saudi Aramco

Dr. Enow Achuo Kima

Chemical Treatment Specialist, Saudi Aramco

Improving Refinery, Petrochemical and Upstream Margins by Closing the Gaps Between Planning, Scheduling and Advanced Process Control


Krishna Chada

Principal Solutions Consultant , Aspen Technology

Optimising Chemical Injection Performance & Reducing Cost


Narayanan Suresh

Regional Subject Matter Expert – Flow Applications, Yokogawa MEA

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Palm Hall 2


Dr. Hayat Abdulla Yusuf

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering , University of Bahrain

A Quantitative Approach for Assessing Automatic Tank Overfilling Protection Systems (AOPS) Requirements


Hesham Fandy

Principal Risk Management Advisory Consultant, DNV GL Middle East

Advanced Digital Twin Solution for CDU Column With Preheat Train Optimization


Nageswararao Kesanapalli

Principal Solution Consultant , Aspen Technology

Saifuddin Sheikh

Director, Business Consulting , Aspen Technology

Flare System – Design Optimization Using Reboiler Pinch


Hasan Ali Amin

Engineer I, Saudi Aramco

Praveen Dhote

Chemical Engineer , Siemens

Sachin Kanade

Process Safety Lead, Siemens

14:30 15:00

Coffee Break Exhibition Hall

15:00 15:40

WPC Downstream, Special Session -The Permian Success Story and the Resurgence of the U.S. Refining Sector Palm Hall 1


Gerardo Uria

Vice President, American Petroleum Institute

15:40 17:00

Technical Sessions- 3

Revolutionary Technology Al Fanar


Gerrit Polhaar

Regional Director - MENA, Chevron Lummus Global

Carbon Utilization & Petrochemical Integration: Capturing Value via Residue to Chemicals Projects


Jacinthe Frécon

Technology Group Manager , Axens

Spray – Drying as an Efficient Method for the Preparation of Catalysts for the Direct Conversion of Crude Oil to Chemicals


Tuiana Shoinkhorova

PhD Student, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

K-SAAT – A Break-through Solid Acid Alkylation Technology


Edward Griffiths

Technology Manager, KBR Technology

Debottlenecking: Exploiting Opportunities to Boost Performance Al Seef


Hamza Alawi

Business Development Manager, Lummus Technology

Advanced Thermodynamic Model for Predicting Hydrochloride Salt Formation and Corrosivity in Crude Distillation Overheads


Dr. Anthony Gerbino

Customer Success Leader , OLI Systems Inc.

SAMREF Sulfur Recovery Unit Retrofits Uplift Performance Sulfur Quality Enhancement


Khalid Ghazal

Technical Process Engineering Specialist (Sulfur & Amine Specialist), Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company Ltd. (SAMREF)

Flare Gas Recovery System Challenges


Mohammed AlMahmood

Process Engineer, Saudi Aramco

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Palm Hall 2


Jim Brigman

Managing Director, Ingenero Inc

The Circular Economy in Saudi Aramco: Unlocking New Potential for Supply Chains


Mohammed Alyanbaawi

Technical Support Engineer , Saudi Aramco

Energy Efficiency Enhancement Project for Methanol Plant - Exceeding the Expectations


Othman M Al-Ghamdi

Process Engineer, Sipchem

Modeling and Optimization of Microalgae-Based Lead Removal Process Using Response Surface Methodology Articulated With Crow Search Algorithm


Dr. S M Zakir Hossain

Assistant Professor, University of Bahrain

17:00 17:50

WPC Downstream, Expert Panel Session - Future Feedstocks, and Refinery Integration Palm Hall 1


Dr. Pierce Riemer

Director General, World Petroleum Council (WPC)


Rob Howard

Vice President - MENA, Aspen Technology

Keith A. Couch

Senior Director - Global Technology Sales , Honeywell UOP

17:30 18:45

AIChE Regional Chem-e-Car Competition Hall 1

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