2024 Conference Program

06 - 08 May 2024   |   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


08:00 09:00

VIPs & Guests Arrival

09:00 09:20

Keynote Session: Innovating for Sustainability in the Emerging Low Carbon Energy Landscape Hall 1

Master of Ceremony

Osama Al-Ansari

Master of Ceremonies, Saudi Arabia

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Khalid Al-Qahtani

Senior Vice President, Engineering Services, Aramco

09:20 09:40

Keynote Session: A Balancing Act: Current and Future Realities in the Energy Transition Through Process Technologies and Innovation Hall 1

Master of Ceremony

Osama Al-Ansari

Master of Ceremonies, Saudi Arabia

Keynote Speaker

Leon de Bruyn

President and CEO, Lummus Technology

09:40 10:30

Special Featured Panel: Bridging the Learning Gap between Academia and Industries Hall 1

Strategies for closer collaboration, curriculum alignment, and skills development between academia and process engineering industries. Industry leaders and academic experts share insights to prepare students for real-world challenges and enhance industry relevance in academic curricula.


Eithne Treanor

FOUNDER & CEO, E Treanor Media


Saad H. Binmatlig

President & CEO, Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refinery Co. (YASREF)

Bassam Al Bokhari

CEO, EnergyTech

Dr. David Dixon

Professor, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Prof. Abdulrahman Al Lily

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, KFU - King Faisal University

10:30 11:00

Break & Exhibition Networking

11:00 12:00

Strategic Panel: Accelerating the Energy Transition with Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence Hall 1

Where are the best use cases in the field, how to connect with the right capabilities/talent, what does success look like, etc?


Eithne Treanor

FOUNDER & CEO, E Treanor Media


Bart Boesmans

Chief Technology Officer, ACWA Power

Norm Gilsdorf

CEO, Plant.Digital

Dr. Kian Mossanen

CIO and SVP, Siemens Energy

Ahmad Al-Abdrabbuh

Senior Executive Vice President & Board Director, Yokogawa MEA

12:00 13:00

Exhibition Networking

13:00 14:00

Technical Session IV

4 Sessions

Process Excellence IV Session Room A, Hall 2


Fadi Mhaini

Vice President & Managing Director, MENA, Lummus Technology

Discover Your Plant Potentials


Mohamed Abouzid

Process Engineer, TASNEE

Integrating Safety, Operation, Maintenance and Environmental (S.O.M.E) Aspects during Detail Engineering Phase


Rusheed Aldossari

Engineer, Self Employed

Benefits of Switching from Conventional High Temperature to Low Temperature Catalyst in the Tail Gas Treating Unit


Khalid Nadhem

Senior Process Engineer, Bapco Refining

New Energies II Session Room B, Hall 2


Mohammad Mozahar Hossain

Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Methanol to Jet: A Promising Pathway for Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Mohammed Rustom

Market Development Director - ME Region - Sustainable Technology Solutions, Honeywell UOP

Simulation of Bio-Oil Production from Fast Pyrolysis of Dates Waste Biomass in Saudi Arabia to Produce Fuels and Chemicals


Ariel Gursida

PhD Candidate, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Leveraging Digital Process Twins for Efficient and Flexible Hydrogen Production: From Design to Operation


Taseer Seer

Senior Applications Engineer, Siemens

Digitalization IV Session Room C, Hall 2


Saifuddin Sheikh

Sr. Director – Solution Consulting, AspenTech

Refinery Energy Demand Forecasting through Data Analytics and Machine Learning – a Case Study


Omar Naeem

Lead Digitalization & Optimization Engineer, Aramco

Muhammad Abbas

Engineering Specialist, Aramco

Saudi Aramco's Process Digital Twins: Advances & Implementation Strategy


Abdullah Alghazal

Process Optimization Engineer, Aramco

Refinery Wide Process Simulation Digital Twin (PSDT)


Majed Aldalbahi

Digital Transformation Lead, Aramco

Decarbonization & Energy Transition VIII Session Room D, Hall 2


Dr. S M Zakir Hossain

Associate Professor, Department Of Chemical Engr., University of Bahrain

Techno-Economic-Environmental Analysis of Hydrogen Production and Transportation Network in Saudi Arabia


Fatimah Alhassan

Student, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Challenges and Opportunities for Integration of Mixed Plastic Waste and Plastic Derived Oil into Refineries, Crackers and Plastic Sinks


Rasha Daadoush

Co-Lead - Aramco Sabic Circular Solutions Technology Integration Team, Aramco

Salahdine EL Idrissi

Group Leader, Aramco

Methane Pyrolysis Integration for Low Carbon Ammonia and Urea Production


Muhamad Reda Galih Pangestu

Master's Degree Student, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

14:00 14:30

Break & Exhibition Networking

14:30 15:30

Technical Session V

4 Sessions

Process Excellence V Session Room A, Hall 2


Amer Saleem

Advisor SCP JCP, Saudi Chevron Phillips (S-Chem)

Correlation for Condensed Hydrocarbon Fraction Provides Better Water Dew Point Estimation in Column Overhead Systems


Fatima Janahi

Associate - Senior Process Engineer, Bapco Refining

Velmurugan Venkatesan

Superintendent RHC and Projects, Bapco Refining

Impact of Dynamic Flare Analysis on Cost, Safety and Environment


Taseer Seer

Senior Applications Engineer, Siemens

Turnaround Cycle Optimization a Trade-Off between Production Loss and Catalyst Lifetime Abstract


Mahmoud Elsayed

Lead Process Engineer, SABIC

Decarbonization & Energy Transition III Session Room B, Hall 2


Dr. Gopal Juttu

Engineering Consultant, P&CSD, Aramco

Techno-Economic Analysis of Ammonia for Power Generation Application in the Middle East Region


Mohammed Dayili

Project Engineer, Aramco

Experimental Study of Methane Pyrolysis for Hydrogen Production


Omar Behar

Post Doctoral, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Carbon Capture and Storage Pilot Project


Massimo Capra

Process Service Manager, Aggreko

Digitalization V Session Room C, Hall 2


Nihar Gulwadi

Regional Head - MENA, Ingenero Inc

Artificial Intelligence Associated Drones Solutions for Waste Disposal Management in the Process Industries


Burri Harsha Vardhan Reddy

Senior Data Consultant, Artificial Intelligence Global Company (AIGC)

Refinery Advisory Hub- a Conceptual Promising Use Case of Large Language Models (LLM)


Arun Kumar Thalondan Poyithaya

Business System Analyst, Aramco

Raad Bassam Mulla

DT & Energy Teams Leader - Yanbu Refinery Department, Aramco

Reema Alamoudi

Associate IT System Analyst, Aramco

Surrogate Based Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Decarbonization of an Integrated Gas-Oil Separation Network


Abdullah Bahamdan

PhD Candidate, Imperial College London

Process Excellence XII Session Room D, Hall 2


Hashem Al-Hashem

Leader, GAS & ARRAZI Project, SABIC

Improving Air Separation Plant Energy Intensity By Optimizing Its Operation


Mohammed Almutawa

Process Engineer, SABIC

Pinch Analysis, a Retrofit Approach for Process and Energy Optimization in Crude Oil Refinery and Downstream Processes. Opportunity for Reduction in Emissions and Opex.


Syed Abbas Raza

Lead Process Engineer, Muscat Engineering Consultancy Ltd.

Improve CDU Corrosion Mitigation Strategy through Cloud-Based Ionic Modelling


Cristian Spica

Senior Application Engineer, OLI Systems Inc.

15:30 16:30

Technical Session VI

4 Sessions

Process Excellence VI Session Room A, Hall 2


Claudia Janse van Rensburg

Regional Marketing Manager, FCC, EMEA, W.R. Grace & Co

System Reliability and Sustainability Improvement in DSG at Ethylene Plant


Mohammad Imran Khan

Senior Production Engineer - Ethylene Cracker, Saudi Chevron Phillips (S-Chem)

Jazan Refinery Complex - Pathway to Environmental Sustainability


Nidal A Samad

Operations Engineer Specialist, Aramco

Fix Combustion Control Malfunction


Emad Fallatah

Staff Engineer, Advanced Process Control, SABIC ARRAZI

Decarbonization & Energy Transition IV Session Room B, Hall 2


Dr. Gopal Juttu

Engineering Consultant, P&CSD, Aramco

Evaluating the Risks and Framework for Hydrogen Fuel Road Transportation in Bahrain


Bassam Alhamad

Assistant Professor, University of Bahrain

Transition to Lower Carbon Fuels


Romain Roux

Decarbonization and Consulting Vice President, Axens

Joseph Ibrahim

Managing Director, Axens

Carbon Emissions Management and Decision Support Made Easy By Digital Solution


Saifuddin Sheikh

Sr. Director – Solution Consulting, AspenTech

Digitalization VI Session Room C, Hall 2


Dr. Rohit Patwardhan

Sr. Engineering Consultant, P&CSD, Aramco

Real Time Economic Performance System


Shashikant Ramsangar

Solution Architect, Aramco

Parandhama Gudapati

Lead Business System Analyst, Aramco

Forecasting Process Faults Using Machine Learning in a Reactive Absorption Case Study


Yasser Al-Goufily

Scientist, SABIC

Process Excellence XIII Session Room D, Hall 2


Faisal Ahmad Raza

Technical Expert - Process, SLB Saudi Arabia

Aramco Way of Managing Advanced Process Control Portfolio


Ali Altayeb

APC Engineer, Aramco

Troubleshooting Vertical Reboiler Performance in a Stabilizer Plant By Leveraging Digital Aspen HYSYS Simulation


Majed A. Al-Jeshi

Process Engineer, Aramco

Optimization of ULSD Vacuum Drying and Thus Reducing Equipment Counts/Sizes; Saving Steam Consumption and Energy Resulting Reducing Carbon Foot Print


Rajib Talukder

Lead Engineer, Aramco

Prabhas Mandal

Operations Engineer Specialist, Aramco

15:30 17:00

AIChE Middle East Regional Chem-E-Car Competition®

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