Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness
Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain

Topics & Sessions

“Delivering process efficiency through innovation and value creation

Main Topics:

Process Synthesis, Modelling and Optimization

Role of Process Engineering in identifying synthesis challenges, formulating optimum solutions, selecting tools, services and/or licenses to create safe, energy efficient, cost effective, sustainable and innovative process schemas with proven benefits for the following :

  • Process Synthesis, Modeling Optimization Solutions for Process Industry (Ex. Optimum & Best Configuration, Mass Exchange Network {MAN}, & Reactor Exchange Network {REN}, In-Line Environmental Treatment, etc. )
  • Energy Optimization, Heat Exchanger Networking (HEN), Emission Management, Eco- Industrial Parks (Plant & Community)
  • Multi Site Optimization Process & Utility Integration and Combined Heat, Cooling & Power (CHCP).
  • Advanced Process Synthesis Technologies (Ex. Catalysis, Membrane, Fuel Cell, Molecular Modeling, CO2 Sequestration, Renewable Energy, Sulfur Reduction, Flare Recovery, etc.)

Process Retrofitting, Debottlenecking and Constraint Management

Role of Process Engineering in defining field problems and constraints, identifying debottlenecking solutions , selecting tools, services and/or systems to create safe, energy efficient, cost effective, proactive KPIs, low risk and sustainable design with proven benefits for the following:

  • Retrofitting & Sustainability, management of operation risk, performance benchmarking improvement, and compliance (ex. energy intensity, hydrocarbon loss, product quality, asset thickness & reliability, environment & safety)
  • Trouble Shooting and Problem solving of hydraulic and thermal de-bottlenecking, operating procedures, operating windows, management of dosing chemicals, additives, chloride, caustic, amine, flare monitoring & minimization, drain, leak, operator driven reliability and process safety.
  • On-line Control Modernization, abnormal situation management, management of change, support model for automation applications.

Process & Equipment Design

Role of Process Engineering in defining process & equipment problems, identifying practical solutions , selecting tools, services and/or products to create safe, energy efficient, cost effective, proactive KPIs, low risk and sustainable design with proven benefits for the following:

  • Modeling Flow Sheet Advanced Process Systems, Energy Efficient Systems, Technologies such as Water, Hydrogen, Chemicals, Monetization of Low BTU Gas, End of the Pipe Environmental Treatment, Flare Minimization, Zero Flaring, HIPS, Drain, Containment {Ex. Black Powder, Sulfur}
  • Advanced Process Design Technologies (Ex. Nano & Micro Technology,, Kinetic Models and Process Intensification {Use of alternative energy sources [Ex. Ultrasonic, Light] to improve mass and energy transfer})
  • Advanced Process Equipment Technologies (Ex. Reactor Design, Fractionators, Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Solid Handling, Pumps, compressors, trays, internals, etc.)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Analysis Techniques and the right balance between using mathematical techniques, Chem. Eng. principles and plant constraint
  • Advanced Control, Procedure Automation (PA), Real-Time Optimization, Automation of Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) practices {Modeling for planning, scheduling, data reconciliation, fault identification, advanced Analytics)

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